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A project more than a documentary alone. We created a concept allowing people to follow the production period through an app. Offering an inside in the world of top-athletes, supporting the film during production and creating an audience upfront.

The film premiered in Berlin the week before the marathon. To create a buzz we launched a campaign: The Unknown Winner, giving people the opportunity to win tickets for the premiere. The moment the film premiered in Berlin, the film also premiered on Vimeo and the app. Offering people internationally the opportunity to watch the film at the same time.


The story:

A story about Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworor, a young Kenyan top athlete, making his debut on the marathon of Berlin in 2012.


WinnerTCS New York marathon 2019

World record half marathon

Winner TCS New York marathon 2017

World Champion Half marathon

World Champion Cross country

Teammember NNrunningteam

Management: Global Sports Communication


Distribution: Espresso Media

Producer: Miriam Steinberg

Director: Boudewijn de Kemp

D.O.P.: Marc Redmeijer

Sound: Jos ten Klooster

Design: Georgina Vieane

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